Our Services

At Imgenious, we design and manufacture custom equipment and software for medical imaging applications. We have full capabilities for mechanical, electronic and software design and manufacture, using state of the art production methods such as 3D printing and CNC machining. We offer a bespoke service, working closely with our customers to provide solutions that meet their requirements.

Hardware Design and Manufacture

Using state of the art computer aided design (CAD) and computer aided manufacture (CAM), we have full capabilities for electronic and mechanical design and manufacture, and can cater for anything from a quick prototype to a full production run.

Our expertise in medical imaging means we know what materials, components and parts will work with a specific modality. We understand the stringent requirements for Magnetic Resonance Imaging: the use of non-magnetic materials and components, the compatibility of electronic circuits in the intense electromagnetic fields delivered by the gradient and RF systems; the need for extremely low RF noise to ensure no imaging artefacts are encountered by an ancillary device; and the interfacing of equipment in and out of a magnet room.

Software Development

Our in-house knowledge combines medical imaging sciences with innovative computational methodology. The software development services which we offer will give you the means to translate your ideas in imaging and computation into your research, by creating bespoke solutions for imaging processing and general algorithmic development, monitoring, multi-modal imaging, visualisation and data analysis.

Integrated Solutions

Our combined knowledge in hardware design and manufacture and software development as well as our experience of working in a research environment puts us in unique position to deliver integrated hardware and software solutions to help you take your research in new directions. After a thorough consultation to allow us to fully understand your research objectives, we work with you to develop an integrated solution which precisely meets the needs of your team.

Designing for MRI compatibility

We understand the challenges associated with using ancillary hardware with/in the vicinity of a MRI scanner. We can advise on, design, and manufacture equipment that meets the requirements for MRI compatibility, in particular the protection of hardware from the harsh EMI generated by the gradient and RF systems, and the protection of the MRI scanner's sensitive receive system from any noise generated by external devices. Our experience in RF safety, in particular with respect to cables within the magnet bore, allows interfacing of devices in and out of the magnet room, and directly to the MRI scanner.


Imgenious provides consultancy services for both academia and industry. This includes but is not limited to design and adaptation of ancillary equipment for compatibility with medical imaging modalities and the testing of devices for compatibility with medical imaging modalities.